Episode 7: Victoria Camp, Geological Engineer

July 25, 2017

This episode, we're talking to Victoria Camp, an Engineer in Training working in geological engineering at BGC Engineering Inc. She talks to us about getting to explore many different facets of geological engineering, what her time at university was like, and the places she loves to travel (for work and fun!). Listen for her advice to young STEM professionals and students, and a fun fact about herself that up to this point, not many people have known!

Guest: Victoria Camp (LinkedIn)

Victoria is a geological engineer with BGC Engineering Inc, a geotechnical consulting firm based in Vancouver. In the past two years at BGC, after graduating from UBC, Victoria has been involved with a number of projects including performing seismic assessments for large infrastructure projects in BC and Alberta, as well as supporting the design and construction of a dam in the Northwest Territories. 

In her spare time, Victoria volunteers with the Girl Guides of Canada, as well as other aspects of the community. On a nice day she may also be found hiking or trying to improve her squash game.

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Hosted by: Danniele Livengood (@livengood)
Theme Music: “Positive and Fun” by Scott Holmes
Produced by: Vanessa Reich-Shackelford