Episode 9: Anne Simon, PhD, Virologist and "X-Files" Science Advisor

August 22, 2017

WWEST Assistant Coordinator and new host, Vanessa, sits down with Anne Simon, PhD, a virologist, professor at the University of Maryland, and the Science Advisor for the "X-Files" television series. Dr. Simon gives an overview of her work and laboratory, gives advice for both students and professors in STEM, and speaks about her greatest accomplishments. We also hear about the new and exciting "X-Files" season and fun facts such as who - dead or alive - she would like to have dinner with.

This episode is a cross-over with Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast.

Guest: Anne Simon, PhD (@Annealiz1)

Anne Simon is an American biology professor and scientist. She received her B.A. in biology from the University of California San Diego and her Ph.D. in genetics from Indiana University.

Simon's primary research is on virus replication and symptom expression using the model virus, Turnip crinkle virus. She is a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. She also heads the Virology Program at UMd, and is a senior editor of Journal of Virology.

Anne is also a science advisor on the American television series The X-Files, both the original series for all nine seasons and the 2016 miniseries. She wrote a 2001 book about the biological science of the show, The Real Science Behind the X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites and Mutants.


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Hosted by: Vanessa Reich-Shackelford (@notanotherxfpod)
Theme Music: “Positive and Fun” by Scott Holmes
Produced by: Vanessa Reich-Shackelford