Luke Clossey   

     associate professor, history of the wider world
          Department of History
          Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures
          Simon Fraser University

M.A., Ph.D.,  History, University of California, Berkeley
     A.B. (honors), History and
Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley    
     A.A., Spanish and German, MiraCosta College

     academic interests
          history of Christian thought
          globalization and modernity
          Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, inter-religious relations
Professor Clossey takes an oath to the Queen of Canada

     primary courses offered   
          HIST 130   Fundamentals of World History
          HIST 300   Approaches to History
          HIST 388   Christianity and Globalization
          HIST 468   Problems in the History of Religion:  Jesus in Early Modern Visual Arts
          HIST 472   Problems in World History:  Early Modern Religion

      primary publications

          ◊   "The Unbelieved and Historians, Part I: A Challenge," History Compass 14 (2016): 594-602, with Kyle Jackson, Brandon Marriott, Andrew Redden, and Karin Velez.
◊   "The Geographies and Methodologies of Religion in the Journal of Early Modern History," Journal of Early Modern History 20 (2016): 545-58.
◊   "Language, Belief, Knowledge, " The Cambridge History of the World, vol. 1, ed. D. Christian (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2015), 132-64.
◊   "It's a Small World After All" website on Europe and its world in the historical profession
          ◊   Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Missions
.  Cambridge University Press, 2008. 
winner, Canadian Historical Association, Wallace K. Ferguson Prize
                       winner, World History Association, Graduate Paper Prize (Chapter 10, "The Jesuit Spiritual Economy")

◊   "Exploring Periodization in the Classroom," co-authored with B. Marriott, History Compass 6 (2008): 1368-81.
◊   "Faith in Empire: Religious Sources of Legitimacy for Expansionist Early-Modern States," in Politics and Reformations: Communities, Polities, Nations, and Empires: Essays in Honor of Thomas A. Brady, Jr., ed. C. Ocker, M. Printy, P. Starenko, and P. Wallace (Leiden: Brill, 2007), 571-87.
◊   "Merchants, Migrants, Missionaries, and Globalization in the Early-Modern Pacific," Journal of Global History 1.1 (2006): 51-58.


     Simon Fraser University * 8888 University Drive * Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6 * CANADA * clossey at sfu dot cd 

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