About the OAP Logo

This logo was specifically designed in 2010 for the Office for Aboriginal Peoples at Simon Fraser University. The design is that of an Eagle with two abstracted U forms representing Burnaby Mountain. The Eagle is a highly respected creature amongst First Nations People. It often symbolizes honor, strength, and wisdom.

The soaring Eagle's beak and tongue overlap with the mountain. In Haida art and mythology, creatures and spiritual beings will often touch their tongues with other beings or objects as a physical depiction of a transfer of knowledge, a song, or story. Other British Columbia First Nations have similar beliefs.

Biography of the Artist: A classically trained First Nations artist, Juanita Ens apprenticed with Jay Simeon. Juanita works with many different mediums including silver, gold, argillite, and wood. Juanita has been awarded several scholarships from the YVR Art Foundation. Her work can be seen in many galleries around the Greater Vancouver area.