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April 11, 2024

Rooted Catering - Indigenous Tasting Event, April 17, 2024, 12 noon

qaθɛtštəm kʷʊms taʔəw

Audio file on pronunciation of Tla'min term: qaθɛtštəm kʷʊms taʔəw

Over the last several years Cedric Chauve and Veselin Jungic from the SFU Department of Mathematics have been collaborating with the Tla’amin Nation, Callysto, and Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences on a joint project of making mathematical models of some of the Tla’amin traditions.

The Tla’amin name of the project is: qaθɛtštəm kʷʊms taʔəw which translates in English as “we will be together in our teachings.”

At a recent meeting, each member of the project team was gifted a Möbius strip woven by a group of members of the Tla'amin Nation.

Since the Möbius strip, as a one-sided and one-edged surface is often used as a symbol for infinity and unity, under the guidance of Elder Betty Wilson and with help from Mrs. Marina Mohar (photo) and Ms. Juliet Neun-Hornick (font design) the project logo has been created (see photo).

After creating mathematical models and learning resources based on the traditional basket weaving and the stone fish traps, the group is finalizing a mathematical model of the traditional canoes.

For more information about the project, please contact Veselin Jungic at