OAP Ultimate National Indigenous Day Quiz 2023

Ultimate National Indigenous Day Quiz 2023 winners:

The following participants' names were drawn to win a coffee card.  Four of these people were from the SFU community: Alan L, Gwen L, Christina C, Rebecca C, Catherine B, and Ramya G.  Congratulations and thank you for participating. 

Analytics of the 2023 virtual quiz were as follows:

Almost 200 people tried the virtual quiz (53 advanced; 110 general and 26 for children's category).

The average score in each of the categories were 55% for the advanced section; 69% for the general section and 89% for the children category (way to go kids).  The most difficult question was on "litigation" and "precedent" for the advanced quiz.  The most difficult question for the general quiz was the one about the rock band "Beastie Boys" and their original name.  The most difficult question for the children's quiz was whether or not beavers consume fish as part of their diet? Thank you all for participating in the OAP Ultimate National Indigenous Day quiz!



Quotes from some of the participants (anonymity protected) who took on the Ultimate National Indigenous Day Quiz 2023:

"I realize I don't know everything about the history across Canada.  It was fun and interesting.   I knew the basics but there is so much more collectively to know and of course for all Canadians to know..."

"The quizzes were well done and I learned some new things from them..."

"Thank you and your organization for putting the virtual quiz together - I learned a lot, and am ashamed I did not know more. I will endeavour to keep learning about indigenous history..."

"Thank you for your department to organize this activity and allows me to learn more about heritage and contributions of Indigenous people..."

"Exploring and learning about Canadian Indigenous history has been a delightful and fascinating experience for me. I would say this quiz was an enjoyable and intriguing experience. While I possess a foundational knowledge, my participation in this quiz has certainly motivated me to deepen my knowledge on this topic..."

"The quizzes were a fun way to learn more about Indigenous history and culture. I learned a lot, even from the children’s quiz! Thank you for providing this important and engaging educational opportunity..."