Director, Office for Aboriginal Peoples' message

June 19, 2023
Ron Johnston

The Office for Aboriginal Peoples (OAP) is delighted and honoured to share our annual newsletter with you, which provides a snap shot of some of the various Indigenous initiatives that have taken place at Simon Fraser University (SFU) over the past year.

Truth and Reconciliation focus and efforts are at the forefront and the heart of this important work and as noted in our newsletter has been embraced in many areas across the university. Among the many highlights are the advancement of safe and welcoming spaces at all three campuses for Indigenous students, the First Peoples' Gathering House project, which will be completed and opening in 2024, and the enhancement of Indigenous governance, leadership, programs and scholarship and activities.

This is a work in progress which is wholistic in nature and requires a collective and shared responsibility by all across the university to advance as we all move forward on our healing journey.

In closing, I raise my hands in thanks to all students, faculty, staff, administrators and the communities we serve who have contributed to this newsletter and to SFU’s Truth and Reconciliation efforts and healing journey. Although there is still much work to do, your outstanding contributions are many, keep up the good work and congratulations on a job well done!

Director, Office for Aboriginal Peoples