Dr. Jeffrey Reading, Dr. Krista Stelkia, and Anita Manshadi

SFU launches Centre for Collaborative Action on Indigenous Health Governance

June 19, 2023

The Centre for Collaborative Action on Indigenous Health Governance (CCAIHG) officially welcomes Dr. Krista Stelkia and Dr. Jeffrey Reading as interim Co-Directors at the new research centre based in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU. This Indigenous-led research centre is a hub for collaborative dialogue on Indigenous approaches to health and wellness in the context of Indigenous health governance. The Centre brings together communities, first nations, researchers, students, and health leaders to share ideas, knowledge, and develop strategies for governance towards advancing the health and wellness of Indigenous peoples locally, nationally, and globally. The Centre’s unique partnership with First Nations Health Authority and SFU supports the team’s partnership initiatives through community engagement and developing a governing council in 2023.

As SFU’s new Indigenous health governance research centre, Indigenous mentorship is a key priority. Coming together by learning, exchanging lived experiences, knowledges, cultural values, and protocols with future generations who aspire to explore and lead research within their own communities is integral to the Centre’s work. The Centre welcomes Indigenous students, emerging scholars, and community members to be a part of the Centre’s diverse and community- grounded research initiatives.

Please contact Research Manager, Anita Manshadi at indigenoushealthgovcentre@sfu.ca who can support your inquiries.