July 02, 2021


During the month of June, the Stakeholder Group Committee held consultations about overall design for the gathering house, including with Indigenous student representation, the Indigenous Studies Students Union, the First Nations Students Association, faculty from the Department of Indigenous Studies, as well as staff from the Office for Aboriginal Peoples, and Ceremonies and Events. 

The next series of townhall information sessions, with the host nations and Indigenous students, staff and faculty, are anticipated in September. 


Submission of the preliminary plan approval application to the City of Burnaby in May was a major milestone for the project team. The team also successfully submitted an application for the building permit. Efforts are underway to plan for the demolition of the Strand Hall Annex temporary structure in preparation for the new First Peoples’ Gathering House.

At the June monthly meeting, valuable discussions took place on the design of the Great Hall, Makerspace Classroom and Seminar Room. In discussing furniture options, the Stakeholders Group Committee put a lot of care into ensuring the spaces will be accessible and inclusive for all, especially Elders and those living with disabilities. 


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