Program and Progression

Program Requirements

This program consists of the following sequential steps for a minimum of 33 units: course requirements, thesis prospectus, colloquium presentation, advancement to candidacy, thesis completion, and defence. The course requirements, thesis prospectus, and the colloquium presentation should be completed by students by the end of the second term.

Students must complete the following

ARCH 871 - Archaeological Theory (5)
ARCH 872 - Graduate Seminar I (1)
ARCH 873 - Graduate Seminar II (1)
ARCH 876 - Research Design (5)

and one or more additional courses with a minimum of three units and approval by the supervisory committee (This is generally a Directed Readings or Directed Lab in Archaeology (PDF), but could be a graded graduate course at SFU from another department, or a suitable course through the Western Deans' or CAGS Mobility Agreements.)

and a thesis
ARCH 898 - MA Thesis (18)

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MA Program Timeline

Find more information on the timeline in the Graduate Handbook.

Graduate Progress Report (GPR)

Students will have a committee meeting and submit an annual Graduate Progress Report (GPR) every Fall (except in their first semester, or if their defence date is prior to the due date of the GPR). There is also an informal interim report due in Feburary or March of each year. Please see more about the Graduate Progress Report on the Graduate Studies website, including details on how to fill in and submit the report (scroll to the bottom for the Graduate Progress Report). Students who do not complete the GPR risk receiving an unsatisfactory ranking.

A short explanation for Archaeology is available under Resources, and linked here.

The full discussion of the Department of Archaeology philosophy behind the Graduate Progress Reports in Appendix B of the Graduate Handbook.