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  • Admission to this program has been suspended.


Masters Program

Tuition is per term, rather than per course or credit hour. The total Program tuition and fees are distributed evenly across the six terms, with modest annual increases (~2%) to keep pace with inflation.


$4,978.00* CAD (per term). $29,868 (total tuition).
*Estimated 2% fee increase.

For 2022 entrants:

$4,879.44 CAD (per term). $29,280 (total tuition).

For 2021 entrants:

$4,784.00 CAD (per term). $28,704 (total tuition).

Students who complete the coursework and require additional terms beyond the Program’s six terms must pay continuing registration fees equal to ~50% of the per-term tuition. Enrollment in the HRM Program is considered "off campus" which reduces some fees, and if you choose you may opt out of additional fees such as the UPass (those not within the Lower Mainland of BC) and the Graduate Student Health Plan.

Graduate Certificate Program

Tuition is per credit hour. There is a modest annual increase (~2%) every Fall to keep pace with inflation. Tuition is based on the enrollment semester, not when a student begins the Graduate Certificate program.


$786.87 (per unit). $3,934.35 (per course). $15,768 (total tuition).
*Estimated 2% fee increase.


Student Fees

In addition to tuition (listed on the respective program pages), students will pay ancillary fees. HRM students have privileges and responsibilities similar to other SFU graduate students, including access to research support services available through the SFU Library, the Library Research Commons and the Centre for Educational Excellence. It is the responsibility of the student to opt out of any inapplicable services. Students who submit proof of residence away from Vancouver and of medical coverage from another source may obtain full or partial fee waivers. See Graduate Tuition Fees.

Course Materials

Costs for course materials, if any, are expected to be less than $100 per course.


Both Master's and Certificate candidates are responsible for travel, lodging, and incidental costs required to participate in the Program orientation in the first week of fall term classes. HRM Master's candidates are also responsible for all costs associated with their participation in the in-person defence of their thesis on the Burnaby campus.

The SFU refund policy outlines processes for reclaiming tuition payments.

Past MA Tuition Rates

Entry Year into HRM MA Program

Minimum Total Program Tuition