Refunds as a result of Scholarships, Awards, Student Loans and Bursaries

Direct deposits

If you have enrolled in Direct Deposit, you will receive your refund in your Canadian bank account. Once the refund is processed (as per our refund schedule), you will be sent an email notification that the deposit will be in your bank account within 3 business days. 

You may log in to your student account on goSFU and know that your refund has been processed when you see "AP Refund" listed on the Account Activity page on goSFU. (After logging in, click on the Account Inquiry link under the Finances section, then click on the Activity tab. At the dropdown menu select Term.)

Refund cheques

If you are unable to enroll in Direct Deposit, a refund cheque will be issued as scheduled for in-person pickup at the Registrar & Information Services counter, MBC 3200. Please note that cheques are only released once per month as compared to the more efficient method of direct deposit. Cheques are only valid for 6 months after the issue date.

If you have been notified of a cheque refund and cannot be on campus to pick up your cheque, you may choose to either (A) have the refund cheque mailed to your Canadian address, or (B) receive refunds via Flywire Payment Rails if you are outside of Canada. An International Wire Payment is a fast and secure payment method that guarantees you will receive your money in your bank account while you are outside of Canada. Due to the potential risk of the refund cheque being lost or cannot be cashed in a student’s home country, refund cheques are no longer mailed to an address outside of Canada.

A)   Refund cheque mailing request form

B)   Receive your Refund by International Wire Payment

To get a refund by international wire payment, you will need to email a request from your SFU email address to Student Accounts will provide you with the International Refund Form and work closely with you to receive your money online in your bank account in your home country. Please refer to the list of eligible countries.

To Request a Refund (Canadian Bank)
  1. Enroll in Direct Deposit  at least five (5) business days before the refund date.
  2. Complete the 'Online Refund Request' at goSFU, under 'Finances'.
  3. Check the status of your request in your student account on goSFU at 'View Previous Online Refund Requests'.
Wire Payment Refund While Residing Outside of Canada
Please visit the International Refunds page to find out how to obtain your refund.


  • Refund requests cannot be processed for the first six weeks of the term.
  • Refund cheques more than two (2) years old that are stale-dated, lost, destroyed, misplaced or stolen will not be replaced/reissued.
  • Cheques will not be issued for refunds less than $5.00. Payment will be made by direct deposit.
  • Direct Deposit refunds more than six (6) months old cannot be replaced or traced by the bank. We recommend students check with their bank within three business days after receiving notification from SFU of their direct deposited refund. Students should always ensure their bank information is correct and up-to-date on goSFU.

Direct Deposit instructions

The best way to get your refund is by Direct Deposit to your Canadian bank account.

Get your personal cheque or obtain a Direct Deposit Form completed by your bank. (Note: the bank location must be in Canada).

* You cannot use banking information from your:

  • bank statements (incorrect source)
  • internet banking portal (incorrect source)
  • credit card cheques (incorrect source)

as the needed information is only on personal cheques or the Direct Deposit form.

If your banking information later changes, you must update your direct deposit information to prevent payment delays:

  1. Log in at goSFU.
  2. Under Finances, go to the drop down list that starts "other financial".
  3. Select Enroll in Direct Deposit.