Provisional Schedule of Course Offerings

This schedule is provisional and courses are subject to change

Course Spring 2024
Summer 2024
Fall 2024
Spring 2025
BISC 601 Ag, Hort, & Urban Pest Mgmnt   McMullan    
BISC 602  Forest Pest Management   McMullan    
BISC 650  Env.Risk Assessment     sessional  
BISC 651  Toxicology Tests I     Kennedy 0.5/ sessional 0.5  
BISC 652  Toxicology Tests II Marlatt     Marlatt
BISC 654  Food/drug toxicology       sessional
BISC 655 Environmental Toxicology Seminar     Fowler  
BISC 656 Master of Environmental Toxicology Project        
BISC 633 Environmental Microbiology     Fowler  
BISC 800  Basic Skills for a Career in Science     Hart  
BISC 806  Evolutionary Theory        
BISC 807  Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology        
BISC 812  Scientific Diving        
BISC 814  Aquatic Ecology        
BISC 815  Contemporary Problems in Plant Phys        
BISC 816 Biology and Management of Insects        
BISC 820  Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis        
BISC 821-3 Cell Biol Journal Club        
BISC 824  Survival and Reproductive Strategies       Ydenberg
BISC 827  Seminar in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology     Ydenberg  
BISC 828  Models in Behavioural Ecology        
BISC 829  Conservation Ecology        
BISC 830 Community Ecology & Macroecology        
BISC 831 [seminar] Hart   Hart Hart
BISC 832 [seminar] Hart   Hart Hart
BISC 833 [seminar] Hart   Hart Hart
BISC 834 Essential Cell Biology       Silverman
BISC 838 Population Ecology       Palen
BISC 839  Industrial Microbiology        
BISC 841  Plant Diseasea and Plant Biotechnology        
BISC 842  Molecular Physiology of Insects        
BISC 843  Applied Behavioural Ecology        
BISC 844  Biological Controls        
BISC 846 Insecticide Chem Tox        
BISC 847  Pest Management in Practice        
BISC 849 Master of Pest Management Thesis        
BISC 852 Ecological and Molecular Interactions between Insect Vectors and Parasites        
BISC 854  Ecotoxicology        
BISC 855  Biochemical Toxicology     Kennedy  
BISC 859 ST General I Hutter
Nervous system dev
  Bisgrove (/472)  
BISC 869  ST General II     M'Gonigle  
BISC 879  ST General III Mattsson /424     Mattsson /424
BISC 880  ST Behavioral Ecology     Crespi/441  
BISC 881  ST Cell/mol Biology        
BISC 883  ST Environ Toxicology        
BISC 884  ST Pest Management        
BISC 885  ST Animal Physiology        
BISC 886  ST Marine Biology        
BISC 887  ST Plant Biology        
BISC 888 Directed Readings        
BISC 889 Directed Readings        
BISC 890 Directed Readings        
BISC 8xx Pres Dream Colloq        
BISC 891 Paleo-ecology        
BISC 898 MSc Thesis        
BISC 899 PhD Thesis