Doctoral Program


The PhD program in Biological Sciences requires:

  • a minimum 6 units (2 courses) of graduate course work beyond the Master's degree (students with an MSc)* or
  • a minimum of 12 units of graduate coursework beyond the baccalaureate (students without an MSc)*
  • a candidacy exam - BISC 892 (0)
  • a 6 unit PhD thesis - BISC 899 (6)

The thesis is based on original research and is defended publicly.

Normally at least one of the thesis chapters will be submitted to a peer reviewed journal prior to degree completion. 

PhD Program Timeline

* Review the courses offered and consult with your supervisor as to which courses are recommended.  ** Candidacy Exam is to be taken by the end of the 4th semester (2nd semester after transfer from MSc).  ***Annual Progress Submission dates  •Oct 15  •Feb 15  •June 15 (consult GPA for details).