Plant Growth Facilities

About Our Faciilties

The Department of Biological Sciences' Plant Growth Facilities consist of a Research Greenhouse, an Outdoor Growing Area and an assortment of Growth Chambers. These facilities are available for research purposes and available upon submission of a Plant Growth Facilities application to the Primary Technical Support. The department also operates a Teaching Greenhouse, which houses teaching plant materials and a selected collection of species from various continents and climatic zones.

Facility Details:

  • Research Greenhouse - contains 4 separate compartments with a maximum of 28m2 bench space per compartment. Separate temperature and light control is available for each compartment. Space is charged per square meter used on a monthly basis.
  • Outdoor Growing Area  - consists of three separate areas, with varying amounts of shade, in secured fenced compound. Each area can be subdivided into smaller spaces as required. Areas have access to water and two areas have truck access. Space is charged per square meter used on monthly basis.
  • Controlled Environmental Chambers (aka Growth Chambers) - a collection of variously sized environmentally controlled chambers. These chambers have programmable temperature, humidity and light control. Space is charged per chamber on a per day basis.

Our facilities are utilized by researchers in forest ecophysiology, plant pathology, pest management and behavioural ecology. Please see Plant Growth Facilities Protocol and Plant Growth Facilities Application for more information or contact Primary Technical Support.

Primary Technical Support

Leslie Dodd


Biotech Greenhouse

The Biotech Greenhouse is a faculty operated 11,000 sq. ft. biotechnology greenhouse containing five growth rooms with independent regulation of light intensity, temperature and irrigation. It can handle plants with novel traits, level 1 and 2, in accordance with the SFU and Canadian Food Inspection Agency's biosafety regulations.

Primary Technical Support:

Dr. Jim Mattsson