Master of Environmental Toxicology

Program Requirements

As a professional Master's program, the Master of Environmental Toxicology (MET) is primarily course-work based. The program requires completion of 7 core courses, 3 electives and a thesis, for a minimum of 38 units. The program is normally completed within 9 terms and requires successful completion and defence of an MET project based on original research.  

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Project Course Details

The project, which must be successfully defended, may be based on original field, laboratory, or library research. In addition to submission of a report at project completion, the student prepares for an oral exam according to Graduate General Regulations 1.9 and will be examined according to Graduate General Regulations 1.10.

Projects may take as little as one semester, however, most projects take several semesters to complete.

Course Substitutions

Occasionally, due to unanticipated changes in planned course offerings, you may have to substitute another course for a required course. 

Enrolment in Substitute Courses:

Before the start of the course, you must contact the Program Director by email to obtain permission for the substitution. 

If approved, you will receive an approval email that will be copied to the graduate program assistant for your file.  Upon receipt, you can enroll in the substitute course. 

MET Program Timeline

* Enroll in the core MET & elective coursework in the semesters they are offered.  Discuss any course selection questions with the MET coordinator or your supervisor.