Vehicle Booking

The Biology Department has two vehicles available for booking and use by qualified staff and students for teaching or research related activities within the department:

  • Toyota 4 Runner (2018)
  • Dodge Caravan (2012)

Fees are charged for the use of these vehicles and are set in accordance with SFU Policy AD 3.02. Costs are based on mileage traveled and are currently set at $0.51/km. Consequently, Grantees will be asked to provide an account for any charges related to vehicle bookings.

Vehicle Booking Process

  1. Confirm requirement for the vehicle with your supervisor prior to booking. Your supervisor will need to provide an account to charge mileage costs to.
  2. Contact the Manager, Lab Operations (MLO) at or in person to see if date/times are available.
  3. Please provide an e-mail address and phone number for contact in the event of any unforeseeable issues with the booking.
  4. If available, the MLO will e-mail you to confirm the date, time and vehicle that has been booked out for you. The MLO will also include the terms and conditions of usage for the booking (see below).
  5. Keys can be collected at the specified time of booking from the MLO office (B8263) and must be returned at the designated time/day as indicated in the confirmation e-mail. Failure to return the keys at the specified time could impact other bookings and may result in your booking privileges being revoked.

Vehicle Location

Vehicles are located on the south side of East Lot parking. A campus map is available here.

Driver Terms and Conditions for Usage

Currently the Biology Dept follows the vehicle use guidelines set out by SFU Risk Services. Please visit the Safety and Risk Services (SRS) website below for the complete Vehicle Use and Insurance Guide.

Further to this, a summary of the terms and conditions that all Dept vehicle users are expected to follow is below.

  • Vehicles are for SFU officially sanctioned use only. Any other use is subject to disciplinary measures including but not limited to personal responsibility for liability and property damage expenses.  
  • Vehicle can only be used and booked by a holder of a valid driver’s license - these vehicles require a Full or "N" license. No "L" plates are allowable.
  • A driver's abstract is required as proof of license validity. This is now an annual requirement. If your abstract on file is greater than a year old a new one will be required.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to familiarize themselves with the driving locations and road/weather conditions.
  • Drivers must fill in the Vehicle Log book with date/time, name, mileage and the purpose of each trip.
  • Any incident, accident or vehicle damage must be reported in a timely manner.
  • Drivers are responsible for any charges incurred due to traffic violations or other infractions including fines, penalties, and other fees imposed by the law.
  • Drivers will be responsible for any liability arising out of personal, non-sanctioned or non-approved use of the Dept. owned vehicles.
  • Drivers will be responsible for any premium increases to their personal insurance that may arise out of at-fault accidents.
  • Drivers are expected to return the vehicle in the condition in which it was let out. You must remove all garbage, belongings and clean any mess in/outside the vehicle prior to return.

If you are found to be in violation of these conditions your access to these vehicles may be revoked.

Effective July 1, 2016

Questions or Comments Pertaining to Vehicle Use? 

Please feel free to contact the Manager, Laboratory Operations by email at, or by phone at 778-782-3301.