Biological Sciences Photo Contest 2022 Winners

November 02, 2022

Department of Biological Sciences

We are pleased to announce the winners of our third annual photo contest. Thank you to everyone that submitted a photo.  There were many exceptional photographs, and we will celebrate all the submissions via the department website and social media in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Science in Action
1st – Beach seine by Julian Gan
2nd – ROV morning by Kiara Kattler
3rd – Camera trapping by Sherry Young

Study Subject
1st – Cloud 9 by Andi Fischer
2nd – Turbin snail by Andrew Bickell
3rd – Sclerotia by Miranda Meents

Life Under the Lens
1st – Neural Progenitor Cells by Danielle Bonenfant
2nd – Festival of Lights, HeLa Cells by Tara Mann
3rd – IRE1 by Shama Nazir

Wild Card
1st – Fowler lab Science in Action by Jane Fowler
2nd – Bird observatory by Jelena Vidovic
3rd – Oystercatcher intertidal by Hannah Roodenrijs

In order to spread out the prizes and acknowledge more great photographers we only awarded one prize to each photographer.  

Peter Hollmann, on behalf of the Outreach & Engagement Committee