Biological Sciences 2023 Photo Contest Winners!

December 01, 2023

The department of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce the winners of our fourth annual photo contest. Thank you to everyone that submitted a photo. There were many exceptional photographs, and we will celebrate all the submissions via the department website and social media in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  

Science In Action
Whether it's in the lab or in the field - let's see a world of science!

1st - Diver in The Grass by Kieran Cox

2nd -  Seeing Double by Cat Reynolds

3rd -  Ready to Roll by Kiara Kattler

Study Subject
Let's study the subjects that we subject to study!

1st - A Reef in Motion by Kieran Cox

2nd - Peakaboo! by Em Lim

3rd - Botanical Beach Seaweed by Miranda Meents

Life Under the Lens
It's all in the details... let's see the beauty in microscopy and imaging technology!

1st - PSC-derived human forebrain neuron by AJ Keefe (Silverman lab)

2nd - Sow Thistle Trichome by Miranda Meents

3rd - iPSC-derived human neural precursors by AJ Keefe (Silverman lab)

Wild Card
Defy categorization! These pictures just grabbed the hearts of the judges!

1st - Weary Wanderer by Tiia Haapalainen

2nd -  Thatcher Ants Eating a Blacklegged Tick by Claire Gooding

3rd - Spotted Towhee Nestlings in Formation by Triana Hohn

Who knew biologists were such an artistic bunch? Thanks to everyone who submitted photos, who posed for a camera, or who helped point a camera at someone who was posing! We look forward to seeing all the beautiful photos you take in the coming year.