The benefits of student feedback

April 29, 2024

SFU instructors are helping to improve student experience of courses and teaching thanks in part to insights they have gained from their Course Experience Surveys.

Creating better learning outcomes

For biology lecturer Miranda Meents the Course Experience Surveys revealed key areas that she could adjust to make a big difference for learning.

“It’s sometimes hard to read the surveys because we put so much of our hearts into designing and teaching the courses, but I get such helpful information out of it. For example, in one of my third-year plant biology courses, the survey feedback highlighted areas in the course that were causing unintended stress and confusion for students. To address these, I made the learning outcomes of one assignment clearer and changed the format of another so that it shifted from a high-pressure quiz situation to a low-stakes practice opportunity. I didn’t take anything away, I just removed some of the barriers that were getting in the way of student learning and I can see the difference it is making. It’s taken it from a good course to a great one.”

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