Jim Mattsson

Associate Professor, Plant Functional Genomics

Areas of interest

Our research focuses on the genetic regulation of vascular tissue development in plants. Specific questions are (1) what is the molecular mechanism behind vascular strand formation? (2) which genes regulate fiber differentiation? (3) which genes regulate the rate of wood formation and the cellular composition of wood? We focus our research on the model plant species, Arabidopsis, since considerable genetic resources is available for this species. We are also using Arabidopsis to study the role of auxin transport in the formation of lateral organs from the shoot apical meristem. There are also several projects related to the study of the genetic basis of wood formation and growth in trees. One project explores existing natural variation that may be due to spontaneous mutations. We have identified a number of hardwood trees that produce natural deviations in wood anatomy so called figured wood and are in the process of analyzing and propagating them. We are also setting up induced mutant populations of western red cedar and hybrid poplars for identification of mutations in genes of interest through so called TILLING technology. Please contact me if you want more information and if you are considering a graduate research project in this laboratory.


  • BSc, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • PhD, Uppsala University, Sweden


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