Areas of interest

Limnology and biogeochemistry of inland waters - Types of systems that particularly interest me include those in arctic, mountain, and tropical regions. I have considerable interest in the ecology of floodplain lakes associated with major world rivers, ranging from the basic hydrology of these systems to their food-web configurations and energy sources sustaining them. Presently, my research efforts are mostly focused on the limnology and biogeochemistry of lakes in the Mackenzie Delta (western Canadian arctic) and the potential responses of this system to the multiple stresses of global change. The International Polar Year has lead to recent expansion of our Mackenzie Delta research via a collaborative project IPY-SCARF. I also have substantial interest in the hydrology of lakes, hydrologic flow pathways in small catchments, and the dynamics and transport of nutrients in streams, rivers, and lakes.

Advanced training of graduate students and undergraduates in field and laboratory settings are an important element of advancing my research. I regularly teach a range of courses at SFU, including Limnology, Biogeochemistry, Regional Ecosystems, Physical Geography, Quantitative Techniques, & Analytical Tools in Biogeochemistry


  • BSc, University of Manitoba
  • PhD, University of California


Future courses may be subject to change.