The Harold Hancheroff Memorial Scholarship in Sports Education

The Harold Hancheroff Memorial Endowment Fund (the Endowment Fund) was established in 1993 at SFU by friends and family of Harold Hancheroff. The terms of reference were revised and updated in 2012.

Type Scholarships
Award Name Harold Hancheroff Memorial Scholarship in Sports Education
Program Id UESO523
Awarded spring
Procedure Student Application
Terms of Reference The scholarship is based on excellent academic standing and will be awarded to a student majoring in Kinesiology. Preference will be given to students pursuing a BSc Honors degree in Kinesiology, especially those focusing on Sports Education. The scholarship will be made by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee.

How to Apply

About Harold Hancheroff

A charter student at SFU, Harold worked as a manager with the first Men's Basketball team in 1965. He later became head trainer and worked with several varsity teams at SFU before leaving to pursue a career in private business.