Using the CSS Class Field


What's the CSS Class Field?

The CSS Class Field allows authors to apply a style that is predefined in one or more stylesheets associated with the site or page.

It can be found when an author double clicks on a component for editing. Most components include a CSS class field that will add its value to the wrapper div or other containing element.

There is a collection of default styles that are available to all SFU websites on AEM.  Please see Component Styles for more information.

How to use the CSS Class Field

  1. Refer to the list of Component Styles.  If custom classes have been created for your department, contact your Site Administrator.
  2. Double click on the component to activate In-Component Editing.
  3. Copy and paste or type the name of the CSS class into the "CSS class" field.  The value in this field is case sensitive; ensure that enter the name exactly as it appears in the Component Styles.
  4. Save the component changes.