Practicum 1

Under the supervision of the instructor and on-site supervisor, you will spend two weeks in an employment program such as a job club, a career exploration program, or a job development program. This is your opportunity to practise what you've learned with clients and program systems and develop your professional identity by consulting with agency practitioners.

NOTE: You must be legally entitled to work in Canada because this program requires a practicum. A criminal record check is usually required for the practicum and any associated costs are the responsibility of the student. 

Spring 2022 (April–July 2022) update: Practicum experience is a key component of the program, and we are working with practicum employers on how best to support our students and their practicums. Depending on the employer’s ability to accommodate, you will either:

  • Complete your practicum in the office, if organizations can accommodate students on-site
  • Complete your practicum online, if organizations have moved their services online and can accommodate students remotely


Location: Variable
Duration: 3 weeks
Available only to students enrolled in:
Career Development Practitioner Certificate