Organizational Structure and Stigma Reduction

Workplaces can play an important role in promoting the mental health of employees. They can also be a source of stress that contributes to mental health problems. Research has shown that stigma has a powerful impact on the psychological well-being of employees in the workplace. On both a public and personal level dealing with stigma isolates and complicates the struggles of employees dealing with mental illness. One of the ways we can address stigma is by examining the organizational culture that supports it and develop plans to change it.

In this course, we explore organizational culture and structure, and how these elements impact first responders dealing with challenges related to mental illness. We will examine the psychosocial risk factors for mental health in the workplace and develop an action plan to shift an organizational culture away from stigma and towards a culture that supports psychological safety and well-being for all.


Location: Online
Format: Self-paced within deadlines set by instructor
Duration: 5 weeks
Tuition: $350
Can be applied to:
First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate

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Start DateTue, Jun 11, 2024
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What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define organizational culture and its impact on stigma in an organization 
  • Define the 13 psychosocial risk factors that impact organizational health
  • Analyze the current state of an organization and identify gaps to be addressed to mitigate these risk factors
  • Develop an effective organizational action plan focused on the impact of stigma and its reduction
  • Describe an implementation strategy for an organizational wellness program and ways to evaluate the program’s effectiveness
  • Propose sustainability strategies to support long-term success
  • Formulate a business case for organizational change to encourage the adoption of your action plan

How you will learn and be evaluated

  • Prepare to spend 6–8 hours per week on coursework
  • Expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis
  • Plan to access the course at least once every few days to keep up with your work and group assignments

You will be evaluated on:

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Participation in online discussions

To apply this course towards the program certificate, you must achieve a minimum grade of C.

Learning Materials

No textbook is required. We will provide all course materials online.

Technical Requirements

For online courses, you will need a computer with audio and microphone that is connected to the internet. Canvas is the online system that will be used for the course. For more information and online support, visit Online Learning.