Business Law

A variety of legal issues and principles underlie most business transactions. This course provides a general introduction to business law in Canada. Topics include the legal system, torts, contracts, negotiable instruments, real property, forms of business organizations and credit transactions. You'll be introduced to legal concepts and terminology within these areas of law.

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What will I learn?

After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand legal concepts within the areas of law discussed
  • Be familiar with legal terminology within the areas of law discussed
  • Identify legal issues within the areas of law discussed

How will I learn?

This university-level course consists of lectures based on material in the required textbook, followed by discussions of real-world examples and how the concepts in the readings apply to various situations. 

How will I be evaluated?

Your performance will be evaluated based on a midterm examination and a final examination, each worth 50% of your grade. 

Textbooks and learning materials

The textbook for the course is Legal Fundamentals for Canadian Business by Yates (2016, 4th ed., ISBN 9780134386218).

Course fees do not include textbooks or other materials, which you may purchase from the SFU Bookstore. We recommend you purchase your textbooks as soon as you've registered. The quantities are limited at the bookstore.

Professional development credits

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Instructor Shafik Bhalloo discusses teaching legal issues to business students.

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