Accounting and Financial Management Fundamentals for Non-Financial Managers

Intended for managers with little to no formal background in accounting and finance, this course provides an overview of basic accounting concepts. We’ll also consider the accounting equation and cycles as well as some of the issues associated with the recording and reporting of financial transactions. It also provides an overview of corporate finance and explains the relationship between budgeting, planning and control.

This course is available at the following time(s) and location(s):

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Vancouver 12 - $649.00 23 Register

What will I learn?

We'll cover the following:

  • The steps in the accounting cycle
  • Preparing financial statements
  • The major roles and tasks of the financial executive
  • A review of how the financial system works
  • The general administrative structure of most organizations for the capital budgeting decision process, and the reasons for such a structure
  • The importance of budgeting and the connections between goal, strategy and budget-driven operations

How will I learn?

This university-level course may consist of a combination of lectures, workshops, case studies, examinations, projects, papers, assignments and group presentations. It requires at-home study and preparation. You can expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis.

How will I be evaluated?

We'll evaluate your performance in this course using a combination of in-class or take-home assignments, exams, individual or group projects, participation and attendance. 

Textbooks and learning materials

Course fees do not include textbooks or other materials, which you may purchase from the SFU Bookstore. We recommend you purchase your textbooks as soon as you've registered; quantities at the bookstore are limited.

The textbooks for this course are as follows:

Phillips and Libby. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (2018, 5th ed., ISBN 9781259269868).

SFU Custom Course Package, Corporate Finance (ISBN 9781323693278).