Organizational Behaviour

Study the interaction between individuals and groups in organizations; how to predict and understand events; the influence of values, attitudes, personality, and emotion on individual behaviour; and the implications of specific behaviours on the organization. Topics include communication and motivation, team dynamics, leadership, the role of politics and power, conflict and negotiation, organizational culture, and change management.

This course is available at the following time(s) and location(s):

Campus Session(s) Instructor(s) Cost Seats available  
Surrey 12 Sarbjit Hovey $649.00 12 Register
Vancouver 12 Anthony Okuchi $649.00 5 Register
Online - Leila Rahemtulla $649.00 29 Register
Vancouver 12 Anthony Okuchi $649.00 30 Register
Surrey 12 Sarbjit Hovey $649.00 28 Register

Schedule clarification: Online courses begin on the first date listed and end six days after the last date listed. The interim dates/times are not your actual online class times.

What will I learn?

After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Better predict and understand events that occur within an organization
  • Challenge and refine personal "theories of reality”
  • Have a more positive and dramatic effect on an organization
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of organizational culture and change
  • Assess problems in the context of people in business, and present summaries of symptoms, probable causes, and recommendations
  • Explain the foundations of employee motivation

How will I learn?

You may take this course in the classroom or online. Classes may consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, workshops, case studies, examinations, projects, papers, assignments and/or group presentations.

Whether you're studying in class or online, prepare to spend six to ten hours per week on coursework. You can expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis.

Online students: You do not have to be online at specific times, other than for examinations, but you will need to be online regularly. You should plan to access the course at least once every few days to keep up with your work and group assignments.

How will I be evaluated?

If you're taking a classroom course:

  • Assignments (individual and group)
  • Examinations
  • Participation/Attendance

If you're taking an online course:

  • Assignments (individual and group)
  • Participation in online discussions
  • Weekly quizzes and exercises
  • Examinations

Textbooks and learning materials

Course fees do not include textbooks or other materials, which you may purchase from the SFU Bookstore. We recommend you purchase your textbooks as soon as you've registered. The quantities are limited at the bookstore.

If you're taking a classroom course:

McShane, S.L., Steen, S.L., & Tasa, K. Canadian Organizational Behaviour (10th ed.). McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited (2018). ISBN: 9781260193787.

If you're taking an online course:

McShane, S.L., Steen, S.L., & Tasa, K. Canadian Organizational Behaviour (10th ed.)McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited (2018). ISBN: 9781260193787. 


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