Strategic Human Resources Planning

This course explores the link between organizational and human resources strategies, and provides the skills and tools you need for effective HR planning. Areas of focus include standard metrics of HR planning, relevant IT solutions, demand forecasting techniques, job- and competency-based approaches to aligning future needs with strategic objectives, management succession plans, success measurement, and the risks and limitations of outsourcing.


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What will I learn?

After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Discuss approaches to linking organizational strategy and HR, including the characteristics of an effective HR strategy and the barriers to becoming a strategic partner
  • Employ criteria to select the job analysis methods best suited to a particular organization
  • Explain current metrics used in strategic HR planning and how to leverage different IT solutions (HRIS)
  • Compare and contrast various demand forecasting techniques, as well as job- and competency-based approaches to aligning needs with strategic objectives
  • Recognize the challenges in measuring the success of a management succession plan
  • Describe downsizing strategies that can enhance organizational performance
  • Discuss how a merger affects HR planning and related HR functions
  • Discuss the risks and limitations of outsourcing

How will I learn?

You may take this course in the classroom or online. Classes may consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, workshops, case studies, examinations, projects, papers, assignments and/or group presentations.

Whether you're studying in class or online, prepare to spend six to ten hours per week on coursework. You can expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis.

Online students: You do not have to be online at specific times, other than for examinations, but you will need to be online regularly. You should plan to access Canvas at least once every few days to keep up with your work and group assignments.

How will I be evaluated?

If you're taking a classroom course:

  • Assignments (individual and group)
  • Examinations
  • Participation/Attendance

If you're taking an online course:

  • Assignments (individual and group)
  • Participation in online discussions
  • Weekly quizzes and exercises
  • Examinations

Textbooks and learning materials

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If you're taking a classroom course:

The textbook for this course is Strategic Human Resources Planning by Belcourt, M. & Podolsky, M. (2019, 7th ed., ISBN 9780176798086). An ebook is available.

If you're taking an online course:

The textbook for this course is Strategic Human Resources Planning by Belcourt, M. & Podolsky, M. (2019, 7th ed., ISBN 9780176798086). An ebook is available.

Ebook option: You will need to order the ebook directly from the publisher, Nelson. Enter the course text ISBN (see above) into the search bar. When the book title appears in the dropdown window, click the name to select it. You can choose from several purchase options, depending on the length of time you'll need to access the ebook.

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