Poetry 1

Poetry is often described as a conversation—with the self, the world, and the work of other writers.

In this introductory course, you'll gain the tools you need to enter the conversation through a hands-on study of poetic techniques and structures. You'll examine poetic language, exploring how elements such as rhythm, pacing, alliteration and repetition can transform a line and make it sing.

You'll also study traditional and emerging forms as windows into the hidden machinery of a poem, experimenting with everything from sestinas to sonnets, ghazals to glosas, found poetry to spoken word. You'll read contemporary and classic poems and use them to inform your work, give and receive feedback on poems-in-progress, and consider the skills involved in giving a public reading. All the while, you'll be in conversation—with yourself, the world, the poems, your instructor, and a supportive community of other writers.


Location: Online
Format: Self-paced within deadlines set by instructor
Duration: 10 weeks
Tuition: $628.95

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Upcoming Offerings

Start Date
Start DateWed, Sep 21, 2022
  • Wed, Sep 21 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Sep 28 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 5 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 12 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 19 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 26 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 2 (self-paced all week)
  • Tue, Nov 8 (self-paced all week)
  • Tue, Nov 15 (self-paced all week)
  • Tue, Nov 22 (self-paced all week)
InstructorRob Taylor
Seats Available23

What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to do the following:  

  • Identify forms of poetry and apply them to your own work 
  • Use poetic language and techniques to strengthen your writing 
  • Give and receive effective feedback on works-in-progress
  • Think and speak about poetry with confidence
  • Maintain an ongoing reading practice and use your reading to inform your writing

How you will learn and be evaluated

Each week you will:

  • Read the weekly module
  • Complete additional reading, as assigned 
  • Complete a writing assignment (often in multiple parts)
  • Participate in one or more discussions based on your reading (approximately 250 words total)
  • Read and provide feedback on other learners’ work

Twice during the course you will:

  • Submit a piece of your own writing for feedback (maximum 40 lines)

This course is graded using a competency-based grading scale

Learning Materials

Course fees do not include textbooks. We encourage you to purchase from your local independent bookstore or the sources listed below.

Required textbooks:

Taylor, Rob.What the Poets are Doing. Harbour Publishing, 2018. ISBN-10: 0-88971-343-X, ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-343-7. Available for purchase from publisher.

Braid, Kate and Shreve, Sandy. In Fine Form: A Contemporary Look at Canadian Form Poetry (2nd Edition).Caitlin Press, 2017. ISBN-10: 198791502X, ISBN-13: 978-1987915020. Available for purchase from publisher.

Technical Requirements

For online courses, you will need a computer with audio and microphone that is connected to the internet. Canvas is the online system that will be used for the course. For more information and online support, visit Online Learning.