Jean Kares

Jean Kares is an independent scholar, textile specialist, artist and writer. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Western Washington University and a MFA in Asian Art with a focus on China from the University of British Columbia. She has previously taught Chinese art history for Langara College Continuing Studies, been a tai chi instructor for nearly a decade, writes articles for Studio magazine and studies Mandarin.

She owned and operated a fibre art studio-gallery in Vancouver for over 20 years and taught many short courses in textile techniques. Much of her personal artwork is informed by Asian art and aesthetics, with an emphasis on indigo dye and Japanese textile-patterning techniques.

Her teaching interests in Chinese art range from ancient tombs to contemporary art, with a particular fondness for the Song and early Qing dynasties, Daoism, and China’s rich textile history. Kares has traveled to Asia several times, most recently touring the western portion of the Chinese Silk Road route.

Previously taught:

  • A Taste of Sky: Indigo Dyeing Workshop   AHCP293
  • Art in the Kimono and the Kimono in Art (55+)   SCFC892
  • Blood, Sweat and Blue: A History of Indigo Dye (55+)   SCFC956
  • Creative Ferment: Art in 20th-Century China (55+)   PLUS385
  • Dwellings of the Dead: The Art of Ancient Chinese Tombs (55+)   SCFC936
  • Fabric of Empire: How Silk Defined China (55+)   SCFC833
  • The Flowering of Chinese Culture: Tang and Northern Song Dynasties (55+)   PLUS146
  • Forging Identities: Art in the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 (55+)   PLUS320
  • From Isolation to Internationalism: Chinese Art, 1911–2011 (55+)   SCFC738
  • Integrity in Troubled Times: Chinese Art 1127-1368 (55+)   PLUS189
  • Introduction to Chinese Art: Tombs to Tiananmen Square (55+)   SCFC704
  • Poetic Charm and Imaginary Space: Exploring the Chinese Garden (55+)   PLUS329
  • Quantum Leaps: Changing the Course of History   AHCP234
  • Roots and Bugs: A History of Red Dyes (55+)   PLUS338
  • Saturday Forum | Clothing the Son of Heaven: The Emperor's Robe  
  • The Dragon's Hoard: China's Imperial Collection (55+)   SCFC866
  • The Flowering of Chinese Culture: Tang and Northern Song Dynasties (55+)   PLUS146
  • Upward Mobility to Dissolute Decline: The Brilliant Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) (55+)   PLUS219

Area(s) of instruction: