Harold Rosen

Harold Rosen is a community interfaith educator. He teaches and designs courses on world religions, the founders of major faith traditions, interfaith cooperation, ethics and virtues, religions and civilization, comparative prophecies, spirituality and science, evolution in nature, society and religion, Islam and the West, women mystics, and interfaith history.

Rosen has three master's degrees: one in education, one in religion and one in philosophy. His most recent book is Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God's Messengers (2010).

Rosen has worked and travelled in Israel, Greece, England, India, China, Japan, Korea and Turkey.

Previously taught:

  • Aging and Spirituality   LIB200
  • Centuries of Darkness and Light: Viewing World History Anew, 1800 to the Present (55+)   SCFC438
  • Civilizations and the Transition to Global Community   AHCP287
  • Converging Forces: Religion, Spiritual Wisdom and Science in the Modern Age (55+)   SCFC618
  • Exploring Interfaith Bridge-Builders Throughout History (55+)   SCFC633
  • Eye to the Ages: Viewing and Interpreting History (55+)   SCFC776
  • Founders and Faith Traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Baha'i (Surrey)   AHCP136
  • Founders and Faith Traditions: Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam (Surrey)   AHCP158
  • Hinges of History and Forays into the Future (55+)   SCFC604
  • If There is Only One God, Why are There So Many Religions?  
  • India’s Religion and Philosophy: Selected Legacies   AHCP267
  • Islam: Constructive Legacies   LIB108
  • Jewish Faith and Legacy (55+)   SCFC461
  • Oh Canada! Perspectives On Canada Today   AHCP250
  • One World: Visions Past, Present and Future   LIB153
  • Religion, Spirituality and Science (Surrey City Centre Library)   AHCP213
  • Revealers and Revelations: A Closer Look at Six Pivotal Religious Figures (55+)   SCFC516
  • Rooted in Faith: Religious Cultures of the Lower Mainland   AHCP243
  • Spiritual Renaissances: Creative Episodes in the Drama of History (55+)   LIB172
  • The Afterlife: Multi-Faith and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives   LIB182
  • Unifiers of Humanity: Baha'i Founders and Global Developments   LIB130
  • Virtues and World Religions (55+)   SCFC572

Area(s) of instruction: