Lealle Ruhl

Lealle Ruhl received her graduate degree from York University's Program in Social and Political Thought. Her teaching reflects the heterogeneity of her graduate work: her interests include international relations, political theory and social philosophy, legal theory and criticism, and feminist theory.

She has published articles on legal criticism and pregnancy, responsibilisation and risk in pregnancy, critiques of liberalism, and feminist theory. Teaching is a main priority for her, and she is a regular instructor in Langara's Department of Political Science and the Peace and Conflict Studies Program.

Previously taught:

  • 20th-century Western Political Thinkers (55+)   SCFC829
  • 21st-Century Perspectives: Identity: Who Are We in the 21st Century?   AHCP262
  • A New World Order: Redefining Global Security (55+)   SCFC913
  • Alternatives to War: Peace and Conflict in the Contemporary World (55+)   SCFC752
  • Anatomy of a Liberal: John Stuart Mill (55+ Seminar)   SCFC660
  • Classics in Political Thought (55+)   SCFC647
  • Debating Happiness in the 21st Century (55+)   SCFC575
  • Democracy in the Digital Age: Challenges, Opportunities, Implications (55+)   PLUS272
  • Exploring Utopia (55+)   PLUS358
  • Feminism: The Ongoing Revolution (Seminar 55+)   SCFC864
  • Free Forum | No Better Place: Utopias from the Republic to the Internet
  • Hot Topics: Current Events in a Global Perspective (55+)   SCFC537
  • Hot Topics: Media Literacy and Current Events (55+)   SCFC488
  • Hot Topics: Reading the Media (55+)   SCFC509
  • Ideology and Politics (55+)   SCFC440
  • Introduction to International Relations (55+)   SCFC706
  • Issues in Contemporary International Relations (55+)   PLUS349
  • Peacemakers: Creators of Social Change Through Non-Violence (55+)   SCFC774
  • Put On a Happy Face: Debating Happiness in the 21st Century (55+)   PLUS247
  • Quantum Leaps: Changing the Course of History   AHCP234
  • Readings in Power and Politics: Plato, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche (55+)   PLUS322
  • Robots and Machine Intelligences (55+)   PLUS170
  • Surveillance and Terror: The Politics of Totalitarianism (55+)   PLUS201
  • The New "Isms" (55+)   SCFC850
  • The On-going Revolution: Feminism in the 21st Century (55+)   SCFC501
  • Understanding Identities in the 21st Century (55+)   SCFC958
  • Understanding Political Ideologies (55+)   SCFC614
  • Understanding Terrorism (Seminar 55+)   SCFC720
  • Women as Peacemakers (Seminar 55+)   PLUS127
  • "We Are All Cyborgs Now": Experiencing the Technologized World (55+)   PLUS289

Area(s) of instruction: