Mandy Richmond

Mandy Richmond has been the head of junior school at both Collingwood School in West Vancouver and Southridge School in South Surrey. She had a sojourn in Hong Kong for three years, where she taught English in both secondary and junior schools.

She used Greek mythology as the basis of her M.Ed. thesis on the teaching of English, and has been fascinated by Greek myths for many years, having used them extensively in her teaching career. Retired from full-time teaching, she continues to pursue her interests, particularly in literature, history and crafts.

Previously taught:

  • Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: The History and Intrigue of Greek Mythology (55+)   SCFC770
  • Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Foundations of Greek Mythology (55+)  PLUS378
  • Greek and Roman Myth: Source of Music, Poetry and Art (55+)   PLUS317
  • Mostly Alice (55+)   PLUS119
  • The Iliad and the Trojan War (55+)   SCFC867
  • Women of Ancient Greece (55+)   PLUS198

Area(s) of instruction: