Christine Wong

Christine Wong is originally from Hong Kong where she studied Chinese language and literature. She holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Simon Fraser University.

Christine's major research interests include Chinese philosophies, human agency, transformative learning and lifelong education. She is passionate about intercultural communication and enjoys teaching Cantonese, Chinese culture and philosophy.

An education consultant and independent scholar, Christine is also a Certified Tea Master and cultural traveller. Her ongoing projects include Leaf Behind and WALKchinatown.

Previously taught:

  • A Self-Discovery Journey With Tao Te Ching (55+)   PLUS111
  • Adventures in China: A Tour of Six Cities (Surrey City Centre Library)   AHCP228
  • Chá Dào: The Delight of Chinese Tea (55+)   PLUS195
  • Confucius the Teacher: What do the Analects Mean Today? (55+)   SCFC748
  • Eastern Wisdom for Modern Life II: Tao Te Ching (55+)   SCFC675
  • Eastern Wisdom for Modern Life: Confucius (55+)   SCFC535
  • Five Fascinating Chinese Cities: A Virtual Tour (55+)   SCFC914
  • Sun Tzu's The Art of War for Modern Life (55+)   SCFC766
  • The More You Know: Learning for Life   AHCP206
  • The World of Tea (55+)   SCFC794

Area(s) of instruction: