Student Services

At SFU Continuing Studies, we strive to meet your learning needs. Here is an overview of the services available to you as a Continuing Studies student as well as some links to help you find your way around our site.

Please contact us at or 778-782-8000 (or toll-free 1-844-782-8877) if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Student Self-service

Access your grades

You can access your grades online by logging in to your student account using your web login and password. If you do not remember your password, use the forgot password option.

Once in your account, look under My Account > Completed Courses. Here are some instructions on how to see your grades online.

Alternatively, if you know your grades have been posted, you can request a transcript.

Apply to graduate

Fill out this form to apply to graduate from your program and receive your official certificate/diploma.

Order your textbooks

Follow these instructions to order your textbooks online from the SFU Bookstore. You may also purchase textbooks in person.

Request a duplicate T2202 tax form

You can request a duplicate copy of your T2202 tax form by filling out a T2202 Duplicate Request Form. Please be sure to include your full name and current mailing address. Once we have your form, we will mail a duplicate T2202 tax form to you at no charge.

Request a transcript

Current students and alumni may request transcripts of their non-credit academic records through our online form. We cannot take requests for transcripts over the phone, and we cannot issue transcripts to students with outstanding balances. Please allow one to two business days to process your request.

To reference letter grade equivalents, view SFU's non-credit grading system.

These records are confidential, so we issue transcripts to third parties only with the student’s written authorization.

Are you looking for your undergraduate credit transcript? If so, contact SFU Student Services.

Policies and Procedures

Non-Credit Grading System

Letter Grade Definition Numerical Equivalent Percentage Range
Excellent performance 4.33
95 - 100
90 - 94
85 - 89
Good performance 3.33
80 - 84
75 - 79
70 - 74
Satisfactory performance 2.33
65 - 69
60 - 64
Marginal performance 1.67
55 - 59
50 - 54
Fail (unsatisfactory performance) 0.00 < 50
Satisfactory No equivalent  
Fail (unsatisfactory performance) 0.00  
Temporary Grades      
Incomplete (temporary) 0.00  
Transcript Notations      
Attended and participated. No grade assigned No equivalent  
Exempt No equivalent  
Withdrawal No equivalent  
Withdrawal under extenuating circumstances No equivalent  
Credential awarded No equivalent  

Pet policy

We don’t allow animals or pets at our campuses, with the exception of assistance dogs.

Respectful learning environment

Simon Fraser University promotes teaching, scholarship and research, and the free and critical discussion of ideas. The university is committed to providing a working and learning environment that allows for the full and free participation of all members of the university community (policy GP18).

Scents in the classroom

While there is much that we do not understand about scented products, there is no doubt that these materials make some people unwell. If you have a reaction to scented products, you should first approach your classmate directly. Explain the problem and the reaction the fragrance triggers. You can refer them to the Scents in the Workplace website for educational information.

Severe weather and campus closures

In the event of severe weather or other emergency conditions, visit or @SFU on Twitter for updates on campus conditions. If your class is scheduled at a time when the campus is forced to close, we are unable to issue a refund and cannot guarantee a make-up class.

Student conduct

SFU Continuing Studies students are expected to comply with the Simon Fraser University Code of Academic Integrity and Good Conduct. Simon Fraser University is committed to creating a scholarly community characterized by honesty, civility, diversity, free inquiry, mutual respect, individual safety, and freedom from harassment and discrimination.

Amenities and Services


SFU is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of academic life. The Centre for Accessible Learning supports such equal participation by coordinating the provision of reasonable academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities. You may contact their offices directly at

Bike storage

Limited pay-for-use bike lock up is available at the Richards Street bike cage in Vancouver. Bicycle racks are located on level 1 of the parkade in Surrey.


We have bookstores at all three of our campuses. In addition to textbooks and course materials, we carry an extensive range of general books, stationery, gifts, greeting cards and SFU clothing.


SFU does not offer childcare services.

Daytime childcare is available through Granny Y's Infant and Toddler Care Centre at 1140 West Pender (call 604-689-5342). Emergency short-term childcare is available through YWCA's Crabtree Corner at 101 East Cordova (call 604-689-2808). These centres do not offer evening childcare services.


Simon Fraser University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors. For a true emergency (fire, first aid, or to report a suspicious person, etc.), call one of these numbers:

Vancouver: local 25252 or 778-782-5252
Surrey: local 27511 or 778-782-7511

Food services

At SFU's Vancouver and Surrey campuses, there are food courts and several restaurants within close walking distance.

If you’re tired of eating take-out every time you come to our Vancouver campus, you may eat in our student lounge in room 3410. The lounge has several kitchen items, including microwaves, sinks, kettles, fridge space, and plenty of seating. Just ask for the room's access code at Information and Registration (in the main lobby).

Health and Counselling

SFU's Health and Counselling offers a wide range of services to maintain your physical and mental health, including MySSP (Student Support Program), which provides access to immediate and confidential support from anywhere in the world by phone or through the downloadable app.

Please note: With the exception of mySSP, you will need to obtain authorization from the appropriate staff member in your area of study to access on-site health and counselling services. Please send access requests to

Interfaith Centre

The Interfaith Centre seeks to facilitate living one’s faith, to support the spiritual well-being of students, staff and faculty, and to increase the understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices across all three campuses.


Library access is free.

Our libraries offer a number of services and research skills services for mature students. They’re also good places to write papers or photocopy assignments. Visit our Vancouver and Surrey websites for comprehensive information, or this online guide to specific services for non-credit students.


Review our SFU Continuing Studies Campus page for detailed information on parking at each campus.

Security Safewalk

We offer group escorts to the various parking lots in the area. If you wish to make use of the program, meet at the Safewalk Station designated for that building.

Find out more on the Vancouver and Surrey websites.

U-Pass B.C. program

All Continuing Studies courses are non-credit. Only graduate and undergraduate students, who are taking credit courses, are eligible for the U-Pass BC program. For current criteria, visit SFU Student Services' U-Pass BC information page.

Weather and campus conditions

For road conditions at our campuses, contact us:

Vancouver: 778-782-5029
Surrey: 778-782-7070