About Us

Mission Statement

As communications and transportation technologies have developed and global migration has intensified, people from varying cultural backgrounds have come to work and live side by side. However, the long-term vitality of international relations and civil society requires much more than merely coexisting in mutual tolerance. Through its activities the David Lam Centre draws on the strengths of diversity in the interest of forging ideals and goals shared across cultural horizons.

Since 1989 the David Lam Centre has remained committed to fostering intercultural dialogue through activities that extend across a broad spectrum of social, cultural and economic issues from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The Centre supports and facilitates research collaboration, networking and building the community of Asia-related scholars across campus and internationally. The Centre furthers the involvement of students in educating and researching the Asia-Pacific region. Lastly the Centre mobilizes and transfers knowledge from the academic research community to the Canadian public.