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DLC Funding

DLC allocates funding twice a year to support Asia-related research. At the moment, graduate students cannot apply for this funding directly. If you are interested, pleases ask your supervisor to support and apply on your behalf. View our funding policy.

We do however have two awards that graduate students can apply directly, please find them listed below.

DLC Graduate Research Award

The DLC Graduate Student Award provides support to master's and PhD students to conduct research or present a paper at a conference on a topic that is related to the Asia Pacific region or its diaspora. The value of this award is up to $3,000 each, subject to availability of funds and travel budget. Students are eligible to receive one award once per acadmic degree.


This is a rolling competition with no application deadline. Applicants must be a current graduate student at SFU at the time funding is requested. Email the following to to apply:

For research purpose

  • letter from the student's supervisor,
  • 2-page research plan, and
  • travel budget (if travel is involved)

For conference travel

  • proof of being a presenter,
  • abstract of the paper, and
  • travel budget

A 1-page report detailing the academic outcome will be required.


Paul Tai Yip Ng Memorial Award

SFU David Lam Centre (DLC) offers an annual graduate student essay prize for $1,200 for an outstanding paper on intercultural issues, particularly as they apply to people in or from Canada and the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Peter Eng, family members, friends and colleagues established this fund within the David Lam Centre at Simon Fraser University in 1997 in memory of Mr. Peter Eng’s father, the late Mr. Paul Tai Yip Ng. Presently the fund provides for the annual awarding of a prize to a student who has composed an outstanding paper on intercultural issues, particularly as they apply to people in or from Canada and the Asia Pacific region.

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SFU Funding

SFU Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the FASS Dean's Office as well as SFU Graduate Student Society provide a myriad of funding opportunities. Visit their website to learn more.

External Funding Opportunities

You can find funding opportunities for Masters, Undergrad, and Doctoral Research students, as well as postdoctoral fellowship opportunities, linked below.

External Volunteer Opportunities

Several organizations offer vlounteer and intership opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to find a list of them.

SFU's Global Asia Program

The Global Asia program offers a minor program which will facilitate a comprehensive knowledge of the region and a broad understanding of human experience through an introduction to Asian languages and through courses offered in other departments and units of the University, including Humanities, Anthropology and Sociology, English, World Literature, Political Science, International Studies, Communications, and History. They follow Chinese capital to Africa, Japanese aesthetics to Europe, and Korean pop culture to Canada.

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