Project Archive

  • The Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies, published by the David See Chai Lam Centre for International Communication, is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal covering all aspects of Buddhist studies.

  • This documentary, released for distribution in November 2000, delves into the history of the Chinese workers without whom Canada’s national railway could never have been realized. This film includes interviews with Chinese-Canadians whose parents and grandparents built the railroad-and indeed the nation-give life to this poignant documentary that retells and rethinks a vital chapter in Canada’s history.

  • The Chinese Canadian History Project Council at the David Lam Centre has developed educational materials for use by schools, community organizations, and tourism to educate students, the Canadian public and visitors to Canada about the contributions of Chinese Canadians, over more than two centuries, to the building of Canada.

  • A number of texts were provided to the David Lam Centre for preservation in digitized form. These materials represent a body of work at the intersection of local medical practices and southern Chinese traditions of “spirit-writing” (Cantonese fu-gei 扶乩).

  • In 2015 and 2016, the David Lam Centre co-hosted community consultations on historical Asian Canadian exhibitions for the Royal British Columbia Museum.