DLC Funded Research

SFU Researchers' Projects Funded by the DLC

SFU David Lam Centre (DLC) offers funding opportunities to continuing DLC Members interested in organizing events and conducting projects that support the goals of the Centre. Besides projects listed below, also visit our events page for other events sponsored by the DLC.

Major projects

Social Media and the Challenges of Global Communication: The Case of China
Shuyu Kong, Humanities


The initiative included a lecture and a seminar by a visiting scholar, Dr. Anthony Fung, Professor and Head of the School of Journalism at Chinese university of Hong Kong (CUHK), as part of an effort to promote collaboration in joint research projects and build a community of scholars interested in the Asia-Pacific region across campus and internationally.

Korean Wave Retrospective: 20 Years of History and Future Prospects
Dal Yong Jin, Communication


A symposium to develop diverse perspectives and new theoretical frameworks on the Korean wave (hallyu).

"Driftwood" Transcultural Forum
Yuezhi Zhao, Communication


The forum is named after Lo Fu’s masterpiece poem Driftwood.  The forum engages with the author’s unique aesthetics of exile and his concerns for displacement and drifting as the everlasting fate of mankind. It establishes an international platform to facilitate transcultural debate, discussion and dialogue.

Launch of Heroes and Gamblers by the Hon. Dr. Vivienne Poy
Paul Crowe, Humanities

Book Launch

Former Senator of Canada and a champion of intercultural understanding, the Hon. Dr. Vivienne Poy is renowned for her extraordinary commitment to community. She is an honorary patron and chair of many organizations, including the SFU David Lam Centre’s Chinese-Canadian history public education project. This event will recognize her latest book, Heroes and Gamblers.

New Directions in Transpacific Cultural Research
Christine Kim & Helen Leung, Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research


A 3-day international research event aims to (1) showcase research from prominent cultural studies scholars in the Asia Pacific region; (2) publish an edited volume based on the event's presentation and discussion; (3) connect international researchers to local scholars, cultural organizations and the general public in Vancouver; and (4) incubate a collaborative research project for a SSHRC Partnership Development grant application involving the multidisciplinary cultural research network with scholars from Hong Kong Baptist University, Academic Sinica, National Singapore University's Asia Research Institute, Melbourne University's Research Unit in Public Culture, and Monash University's Asia Institute.