Why We Still Fight: BC's Unequal Women at Hilton Metrotown Speak Out

April 09, 2022

Join locked out Hilton Metrotown workers and Asian Canadian Labour Alliance BC for a conversation about what it means for Unequal Women to be part of the longest hotel lockout in the province's history — and what it takes to keep on fighting. Hilton Metrotown workers have been locked out and picketing every day since April 2021. BC hotel workers launched the Unequal Women campaign to call attention to how hotels take advantage of the pandemic to profit from long-term workers, many of whom are women of colour. At the Hilton Metrotown, many of the locked out women workers are Asian. They are leading the fight to protect their jobs. Join us in the lead up to the 1-year lockout anniversary as Hilton Metrotown women workers reflect on the tactics and strategy of the struggle so far, and share how all of us can fight for a better future for working people.


Liza and Cecilia are locked out workers from the Hilton Metrotown in Burnaby. For 21 years both of them worked at the hotel, Liza as a night auditor and Cecilia as a housekeeper cleaning rooms for guests from around the world. During the pandemic, their hotel terminated nearly 100 of their co-workers and locked the rest out.


David Lam Centre, Simon Fraser University

Labour Studies Program, Simon Fraser University

Event Recording

Saturday, April 9, 2022 | 10:30AM - 1:30PM