Counter Anti-Asian Racism Digital Initiative

September 23, 2023

Centre A is pleased to announce the launch of CAARDI, the Counter-Anti-Asian Racism Digital Initiative. The project will encompass a series of bi-weekly online and in-person gatherings between May to September of 2023. The initiative is also meant to create a safe(r) space for candid conversations and exchange on the continuing impacts of the pandemic on Asian diaspora social, cultural and political spheres. At the same time, we aim to share resources for an interdisciplinary approach to care from members of Asian Canadian communities. Each gathering will feature one designated community speaker or moderator leading the group to explore different themes and topics specific to Asian Canadian experiences during COVID-19.  

The resources made available during the series will be recorded and archived on Centre A’s website alongside reflections from the speakers. The website will become an easily accessible resource for dealing with anti-Asian racism that encompasses individual narratives, communal discussion on the topic, as well as different approaches for thinking about the personal and structural effects of the pandemic.  

CAARDI will not only be a place for Asian Canadians to express their individual and collective concerns, but also a platform for us to address our own positionality as immigrant settlers and to gain a deeper understanding of the colonialist systems enabling racialized violence. We are committed to working in solidarity with different communities impacted by racism and engaging in sustainable community-led approaches for this project.   

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Here is the growing list of speakers:

Kai Cheng Thom

aiya Collective

Eugene Kung

Jane Shi

Charm Torres


Niki Najm-Abadi

Dr. Rashmi Chadha

Renelyn Quinicot

Uytae Lee

Karima Chellouf