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Planning & Analysis' mission is understanding the details and presenting the big picture.  We research and analyze both numbers and qualitative aspects and recommend a best option for the University while collaborating cross-functionally with other departments.  We also translate a strategy to tactical actions so that a successful execution is possible. We are constantly moving up and down from 10,000 feet to the ground level connecting dots along the way.

At high level, there are four key areas in our mandate - Planning, Analyzing, Driving/Monitoring Initiatives, and Communicating.

The following principles guide us in striving to achieve our mandate.

  • Customer Service: Deliver a great customer service by providing value-added information.
  • Excellence: Consistently strive for Best Practices and deliver excellence in terms of reporting, presentation and accuracy of information.
  • Change Catalyst: Embrace change, and lead and inspire others and remember that the team and the University should come first.

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Project Funding Applications (CPSC and SIPP)


Sept 20, 2019  
Strategic Opportunity Assessment       
  Establishes the strategic context of an identified opportunity, makes a high-level case for change, and provides stakeholders with an early indication of potential options.
University Planning
Jan 9, 2019 Describes how SFU’s strategic vision is to be achieved and supported through the contributions of other institutional plans and planning processes.
SFU's Annual Strategic Review     Assesses university performance against specific objectives articulated for each core element of SFU’s strategic vision: engaging students, engaging research, engaging communities, and leveraging institutional strength.

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Scott Penney
Director, Planning Analysis
(778) 782-7513
  • Strategic planning and alignment; qualitative and quantitative analysis; strategic communications; risk management

Jonathan Duffin
Planning Analyst
(778) 782-9666
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis; University Priority Fund applications / progress reports; performance metrics (KPIs); strategic alignment; strategic communications

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