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Number Document Link / description
AD 3.01 Petty Cash html - (PDF version 36 KB)
Used only for payment of minor expenses for which it would not be practicable to issue cheques. The purchase of materials and services which do not exceed $50.00 per transaction may be made from the Petty Cash fund.
AD 3.02 Business and Travel Expenses html - note the link to Procedures for Business Travel and Expenses can be found at the bottom of the policy page.
Covers the reimbursement of travel and business expenses incurred on university business by Board members, all employees of the university and also extends to other individuals associated with the university and/or working on behalf of the university
AD 3.03 Direct Acquisition of Goods and Services html - (PDF version 42 KB)
There are some types of acquisitions for which a Purchase Order is neither required nor appropriate. Generally, such acquisitions involve things obtainable from one source, at a fixed price and for which no discount or tax advantage is available
AD 3.05 Credit and Collection html - (PDF version 39 KB)
Outlines the terms for payment of amounts owing to the University and the steps to be taken in the collection of overdue accounts
AD 3.11 Independent Contractor Policy html - (PDF version 49 KB)
Provides guidance on the appropriate methods of payment for services provided to the University and whether or not an employer/employee relationship exists in connection with the provision of those services.
AD 3.12

Supplementary Course Fees html - (PDF version 45 KB)
Mandatory Supplementary Course Fee Form (PDF version 10 KB)
Sets out the definition of credit instruction to be covered by tuition fees and mandatory supplementary course fees and the process by which such fees will be introduced or changed, published and collected.

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AD 3.14 Indemnity Approval Policy html - (PDF version 38 KB)
To describe the process required by the Minister of Finance and Corporate Relations to enable to University to provide an indemnity to another party.
AD 3.15 Investment Managment Operating Procedures
GP 20 Endowment Management Policy (html) - (PDF version 39 KB)
A financial vehicle which is designed for the collection and use of economically valuable assets in perpetuity. Assets may include real property, shares or cash.
GP 37 Conflict of Interest (html) - (PDF version 60 KB)
GP 38 Sustainability (html) - (PDF version 69 KB)
B 10.05 Budget Policy Objectives (html) - (PDF version 34 KB)
B 10.09 Investment Governance Policy (html) - (PDF version 56 KBInvestment Management Operating Procedures (IMOP)
B 10.11 Signing Authorizations (html) - (PDF version 178 KB)
Summary of the Signing Resolutions (PDF 14 KB)
AD 11.01 Purchasing Policy (html) - (PDF version 36 KB)
AD 11.17 Standing and Blanket Purchase Orders - policy deleted see AD11-1
AD 11.21 Ethical Procurement (html) - (PDF version 42 KB)
R 10.01 External Research Grants and Contracts (html) - (PDF version 60 KB)
R 50.02

Personnel Funded from Research Grants (html) - (PDF version 61 KB)

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