Simon Fraser University's Department of French is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop near-native competence in the French language and acquire academic and professional skills in French and Francophone literatures, cultures and linguistics, preparing students to become competent, informed and innovative participants on the Canadian (national and provincial) scene and in the Francophone world. All our programs aim at giving our students not only excellent communication skills but also the solid basis necessary to understand and appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Francophone world.

What we offer

The department of French at SFU offers students the possibility of studying in a dynamic learning environment with innovative teaching and research in language, linguistics, literature and culture. Immerse yourself in innovative teaching techniques such as interactive language classes, online courses, and mass and social media to bring your French to a professional level. Whether you are pursuing a degree in French or taking just a few courses in language, linguistics, literature or culture, studying in the Department of French offers you a range of possibilities.

We are the only university in Western Canada to offer you a combination of French and French Canadian literatures as well as French linguistics, with beginner and advanced language classes, composition, and conversation courses.

Whatever area you might wish to pursue, our teaching styles will expose you to different theoretical and applied perspectives which will enable you to develop skills in analysis and critical thinking and acquire a good level of competency in the language.

Professors and Staff of the Department of French against Racism: Our Commitments

In the past months, universities around the world have taken a stand against racial discrimination and violence, showing their commitment to take an instrumental part in change. The current events are prompting us to go beyond verbal condemnations of systemic racism in universities. Taking a stand against racism comes with a willingness to challenge institutional systems of domination, which are often invisible, or taken as default ways of organising, seeing, and studying the world. Since we acknowledge that the Department of French is part of such systems, we aim to reflect on ways to challenge these views and categorisations, and to actively support minoritized groups.

Supporting Diversity through French Language and Cultures

We acknowledge that the French language is not solely owned by France or Québec (or by anyone else) and that the developments of French standards around the world have participated in a history of injustice, and continue to contribute to the ongoing discrimination of minoritized cultures.

We understand that French is diverse, that it is shared by many around the globe, as a first or second language, and that it is used in various ways.

As scholars, instructors, and members of staff, we embrace this diversity.

The Department of French’s commitments

We aim to commit to the following actions:

  • To rethink the object of our teaching, when applicable, to question narratives that have normalized the superiority of some groups over others;
  • To further promote alternative approaches and perspectives in our current courses, as well as in courses offered in collaboration with other departments; 
  • To review the Department of French’s statement for equity, diversity and inclusion, and ensure that it is visible in all course descriptions;
  • To initiate and support professional and student activities that provide further opportunities to reflect on equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • To further support students from racialized and discriminated minoritized groups, for instance by creating a new Department award and/or a new scholarship.