Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule - Current Semester

Course Title Exam
FREN 120 D200 French for Beginners
FREN 120 D300 French for Beginners
FREN 120 OL01 French for Beginners
FREN 121 D100 Introductory French I
FREN 122 D100 Introductory French II
FREN 210 D100 Intermediate French I
FREN 210 D200 Intermediate French I
FREN 211 D100 Intermediate French II
FREN 212 D100 French for Immersion Program Students
FREN 212 F100 French for Immersion Program Students
FREN 215 D100 Intermediate French: Oral Practice
FREN 221 D100 French Writing I
FREN 221 F100 French Writing I
FREN 222 D100 French Writing II
FREN 245 D100 Introduction to Literary Studies
FREN 275 B100 French Linguistics Today
FREN 301W D100 Advanced Writing
FREN 333 B200 The Magic of French Words
FREN 344 D100 Survey of French Literature after 1789
FREN 417 D100 Topics in the Structure of French
FREN 430 D100 Topics in Québécois Literature (Affect/Performance)
FREN 440 D100 Topics in French Genre Studies (Espaces clos et ouverts)
FREN 452 D100 Topics in French and Francophone Cultures or Cinemas (Anger in the Media)