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Programs Offered:


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It is strongly recommended that you see the student advisor regarding your degree requirements at least one semester before you plan to graduate. Unless you meet both faculty and major/minor requirements, your graduation cannot be approved.

Current Courses

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Location
FREN 101 OL01 STT - Elementary French I Livia Poljak
FREN 304 D100 Advanced French Grammar Rejean Canac-marquis
May 6 – Jun 17, 2024: Tue, Thu, 2:30–5:20 p.m.
FREN 345 D100 Survey of French Literature from 1600 to 1789 Guillaume Girard
May 6 – Aug 2, 2024: Mon, 2:30–5:20 p.m.
FREN 423 D100 Topics in the History of French (French: A social history) Cecile Vigouroux
May 6 – Aug 2, 2024: Wed, 9:30 a.m.–12:20 p.m.
FREN 430 D100 Topics in Québécois Literature (Litt. Québecoise Queer) Guillaume Girard
May 6 – Aug 2, 2024: Wed, 2:30–5:20 p.m.