Graduate Studies

Master of Arts with Thesis

Program Requirements

The French Master of Arts program has two options, consisting of course work and either a thesis or two extended essays, for a minimum of 30 graduate units. Students should consult their supervisors when selecting elective course work.

Thesis Option

Students must complete nine units from their chosen concentraton in either French linguistics or literature, and 

FREN 803 - Research Methods in French Linguistics and/or French Literature (3), and

three additional units from their chosen concentration in either French linguistics or literature, and

a thesis proposal FREN 896 - Thesis Proposal (0), and

a thesis FREN 898 - MA Thesis (15)

Recommended Timelines for Students

Students are expected to complete the program requirements in six terms.

note: Any on-leave semesters or other interruption of the program are not taken into account in this timeline.

Thesis Option (15 credit hours of coursework)

First Semester
1 or 2 courses (including the methodology course)
Second Semester
1 to 2 courses. Appointment of Supervisor and
Supervisory Committee
Third Semester

Student completes coursework

Fourth Semester
Student submits written thesis proposal for approval by the Supervisory Committee
Fifth & Sixth Semesters
Student completes research and writes thesis

Thesis Proposal

Students in the thesis option are required to submit the thesis proposal no later than one term following the completion of their course work. The examination of the proposal consists of an oral presentation before the student's supervisory committee. Students must receive a grade of Complete (CO) in order to proceed with writing their thesis. The thesis itself is expected to be 70-90 pages. The thesis proposal shall consist of:

  1. An appropriate critical bibliography

  2. A brief narrative summary of the research topic/problem

  3. A description of the methodology and theoretical framework to be applied

  4. A statement showing the originality of the thesis

  5. An outline and proposed timetable for the research work to be undertaken

The student will be expected to make recommended changes to the thesis proposal in a timely fashion (refer to Recommended Timelines for Students). Failure to present a proposal by this time limit, or failure to obtain formal approval of the proposal by the Supervisory Committee within two semesters after completion of course requirements, may be considered evidence of unsatisfactory progress as defined under 1.8 of the Graduate General Regulations.

Thesis Supervision

Faculty members and graduate students are reminded that, in addition to the formal requirements contained in the University Calendar (Graduate General Regulations 1.6), the Graduate Studies handbook, produced by the Dean of Graduate Studies and updated annually, provides information on university expectations for graduate supervision.

The Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of French has additionally approved guidelines for its members

  1. After acceptance of the Thesis Proposal by Supervisory Committee, all members of the Supervisory Committee should maintain contact either electronically or through meetings with the student on a regular basis so that advice can be given, concerns discussed, solutions reached in common accord.

  2. It is the duty of the Supervisor to arrange these encounters and to make sure that the final plan and the methodology for the thesis are agreed upon by all involved in the supervision.

  3. When the student reaches the final stages of the thesis, during the last semester, usually devoted to final corrections, meetings continue to take place with all members of the Supervisory Committee on a regular basis. The final drafts of the thesis must be read and approved the all supervisors.

  4. Normal expectations for the completion of a thesis are a minimum of two to three semesters.  Thesis supervision should not be undertaken if such minimum commitment cannot be guaranteed.

Academic Requirements within the Graduate General Regulations

All graduate students must satisfy the academic requirements that are specified in the Graduate General Regulations, as well as the specific requirements for the program in which they are enrolled