Recycling Services

For recycle material removal frequencies please check Cleaning Services & Frequencies. Pick-up and distribution of recyclables from depots is made through various contractors specializing in the trade.

Recycle Streams Collected
Paper, cardboard, compost, landfill, tires, matresses, furniture, e-waste, concrete, drywall, mixed recycling, wood, metal, landscape material & styrofoam.

  • Paper recycling containers are provided for all employees' offices and labs
  • 4 bin recycling centres are provided in public hallways and 3 bin recycling centres are provided for kitchenettes and lounges
  • 8 cardboard balers are provided at high-volume areas around the campus
  • Depots for collection of the various recyclables
  • 5 vertipak compactors, 10 compactors

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